Websites must be accessible and able to quickly load at all times by users from all over the world. Performance is vital for content driven sites that see traffic in the millions, and e-commerce sites that process the purchases of thousands of customers. Using our system, which offers technology based on the cloud, your website can operate at impressive speeds while being available and secure from attacks.

Based on reporting from Google/SOASTA, websites that can’t load in three seconds or less are likely to be left by 40% of the people who visit them. When it comes to shoppers visiting e-commerce sites and customers that are dissatisfied with their experience, around 79% of them are likely not to buy from that website a second time and will seek out other options. The speed of the site can increase through the use of the WP Engine.

Top of the line in the cloud
Through a strategic partnership with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and BizElevator vendors, your website is constructed with the same architecture that these companies already employ for their purposes. You can be sure that your site will always load and will be fast on a global scale thanks to a worldwide network of data centers and cloud access.

Solutions that are always there
WordPress reliance must be high to keep people coming back and to give your brand a chance to shine. With BizElevator, because of data center redundancy measures and uptime protection put in place, your site stays up. If by chance your website goes down for some reason our site recovery measures automatically activate.

Speeds that are unrivaled
Speed is essential, especially for marketplaces that operate on an international level. Traffic spikes can occur, and websites need to be able to have consistent speeds throughout them to maintain a competitive advantage. Performance is assured because we use WordPress optimized architecture that can be scaled. Also, we have a network that is built for global content delivery and our caching system.

Security that enterprises can trust.
Our security measures are made at a level that enterprises can trust to keep threats away. Patches and updates are regularly applied to the WordPress platform, risks are identified and stopped, and SSL certificate based traffic encryption is available to customers. You don’t have to worry about your content, as our team will continuously perform security audits and review lines of code for security issues.

Global Reach
Our servers are in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S.

Redundancy Through Data Centers
Uses Amazon Web Services to ensure data security.

Protection for Uptimes
We implement security measures across multiple layers, dedicated clustered configurations, and delivery networks to keep websites running at all times.

HTTP/2 and PHP 7 Implementation
Up to date technology that can ensure returning visitors and produce better search engine rankings.

Scalability That Impresses
Website caching that can help sites deal with millions of hits and lessen the impact of strain.

Content Delivery Of Global Proportions
Using a global CDN to route requests to the closest server and provide faster loading.

Faster Speeds
Getting a 27% increase in speed with our services.

Architecture That Can Be Scaled
Being able to manage traffic spikes regardless of the user load is built into our systems.

Patches and Updates
All updates whether minor or major will be pushed through and vetted.

Advanced Authentication Via Two Layers
For maximum safety and privacy two-layer security for sign-on access is implemented.

SSL Usage For Encrypting- Traffic
All the pages of your website include the protection of SSL certificates.

Keeping An Eye On Threats And Blocking Them
We will see and stop all threats to our backend systems and prevent hackers from making their way into your system.

Recovery In Disaster Events
Just in case a disaster happens, our experts will help you recover quickly.